The waves in autumn


Glad to remeet, friends!

In today’s post I want to show you one of the latest attires you can try on in September. It is an attire inspired from the agitation of waves in autumn. I like so much the pink skirt, because it highlights the figure and lays stress on the blouse. It is a daily outfit, but it can be worn on evening walkings.

Designer Nati Bai had inspired from abstract works of painter Say Tvombly. They represent eternity, struggling, movement and freedom. The fabric of the cloth is quite delicate at the touching and it is perfect for the last warm days.

It has been a spendid day, spending on one of the most popular streets in Moscow “Kuznetsk bridge”. This street is dedicated to art, multiculturalism and music. The make-up is a daily one in light tones that can be also applied in the evening. I have suited the outfit with velvet sandals. The jewelry gives the attire a spash of color.

I want to thank designer Nati Bai for my lovely attire, fashion photographer  Alexander Plonsky for time, patience and photos and also to thank Reghina Vinogradova for make-up.

Have a nice fall!


DSC03989 (1).jpgDSC03958.jpg


Dress: Nati Bai



Jewerly:Diva Accesories

Photo:Alexander Plonsky


Mariana Nichifor





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