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Glad to remeet you dear friends of my blog.

It is cold in Moscow, that’s way I would like to show you an outfit suitable for this period!

Although the weather is dull,I insisted on wearing a pink dress combined with red, black and white. Considering the low-heeled shoes, the outfit is relaxed that can be worn at special meetings, in the city, on evening walkings or just for a cocktail.

The red lipstick gives the attire a passionate and playful aspect. I liked so much the dress m ade by Elena Komar, it is made from soft and velvet-like fabric, it suits perfectly the scarlet shoes and colorful accessories. The bag can go together with any office attire or a street syle one. The prints from the coat are superb, they get ideas of labyrinths and white parts of human destiny.

The hairdo is a relaxed one. I have spent my day on one of the fashion streets in Moscow. It is a street studded with Dolce Gabbana, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Constantin Vicheron and others shops.

Have a spendid day!

I want to thank very much the Creative Designers’ Studio of Varvara Andreeva, fashion photographer Alexander Plonsky and make-up artist Reghina Vinogradova.

Thank you so much!


DSC06172 (2).jpg


Dress:Creative designers’ studio of Varvara Andreeva/Elena Komar



Jeverly:Lady Colection

Makeup:Regina Vinogradova

Photo:Alexaner Plonsky

By Mariana Nichifor




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My name is Mariana, I’m 24, and I live in Moscow. I like fashion, art, the history of art and coffee. I’m a book consumer, an addict, I love the street style, interesting cloths and beautiful stuff. I like the street movement and the interesting people out there. I’m a stylist and fashion blogger.

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  • eloonly

    Oh you come from Moscou ! I love discover blogs worlwild 🙂
    I love your look, so pink 🙂
    I hope you’ll like my looks too !