Moscow, delicious coffee and cakes.


I adore these trousers created by Elena Komar, they are very comfortable and stylish. Besides, they can be easily be suited with sport footwear and they can be worn on city walkings, at the mountains or just in the forest.

I have told you in previous posts that leather jacket is a „must have” garment, that’s way, it also can match a knitted sweater and a pleated skirt, or straight cut dress, like Little Black dress. I am fond of Olga Kotelinikova’s crop tops. This one with caramel print I wear is my favorite. I often use to try on grunge items, so for this time I chose a fringe bag. It is very cosy and large enought, especcialy for those days you need to have everything close to you or you have to cover long distances.

I spend my day on one of the central streets of Moscow, a street with delicious coffee and cakes.

Many thanks to the Creative Designers’ Studio of Varvara Andreeva, to fashion photagrapher Alexander Plonsky and to the make-up artist Reghina Vinogradova for all the work and patience.

Have a nice fall in soul and thoughts.

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With love, Yours Mariana Nichifor.






Dress:Creative designers’ studio of Varvara Andreeva/Elena Komar,Olga Kotelinikova

Jacket:Pull and Bear



Jewerly:Lady Collection

Photo:Alexander Plonsky

Mua:Regina Vinogradova






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My name is Mariana, I’m 24, and I live in Moscow. I like fashion, art, the history of art and coffee. I’m a book consumer, an addict, I love the street style, interesting cloths and beautiful stuff. I like the street movement and the interesting people out there. I’m a stylist and fashion blogger.


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